Under Three, Your First Visit is Free!

Introducing - My First Visit!

At Palmerston Dental we believe that early dental care for your young family is important. We are proud to provide a FREE initial dental examination for all children three years and under. By providing this service, we make it easy for young families to access dental care and help ensure a healthy development of your child’s smile!

Important information about childrens' oral health:

A Child’s First Dental Appointment should be by One Year Old

The Canadian Dental Association recommends all children see a dentist by one year old. Previously, the first visit was recommended at age three. By waiting until age three, children have had teeth in their mouth for over two years, allowing for problems like cavities to go unnoticed for a long time. This can result in pain, and abnormal development of your child’s teeth, as well as other health concerns.

By bringing your child to Palmerston Dental by age one, this allows us to provide an initial examination of your baby’s oral health, and you to ask any questions you may have about their developing teeth. Also by bringing your child in at an early age, there is less likelihood of any problems to be present. So the appointment is brief, involving little more than a quick look in your baby’s mouth. This helps establish our dental office as a comfortable, safe environment, and helps your child see us as their dental “home”.

Baby teeth matter!

Baby teeth are important for:

  • Eating

  • Speech Development  

  • Social Development (smile!)    

  • Helping Adult Teeth come in Straight

Without proper care, your child could experience:

  • Cavities    

  • Pain (which can lead to):  

                   -   Difficulty eating

                   -   Loss of sleep

                   -   Decreased energy

                   -   Poor focus at school

My First Visit!

The appointment:

My First Visit! is a short 15 minute appointment that involves an examination of your child’s oral health, and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your child’s developing teeth. The dentist can also provide some helpful tips about caring for your child’s teeth.

For infants, the oral examination will occur while you and the dentist sit in a knee-to-knee position with your baby’s head on the dentist’s lap. This allows your baby to maintain eye contact with you, keeping them comfortable, while the dentist has a quick look in their mouth.

This appointment is provided in order to educate young parents, and to help prevent problems like cavities from developing. By providing this appointment early, before any problems arise, we are able to establish the dental office as a comfortable and safe place to be, and help your child see us as their dental “home”.

So no matter if your child is one, two, or three… their first appointment is free!

Not included in our Free First Visit program:

My First Visit! is provided at no cost to you, but does not include any professional services (e.g. radiographs, fluoride, cleaning, etc.) beyond the examination.

If we identify a need for additional treatment, we will discuss that with you, as well as any associated costs.